Salty Saturday - Scott Meridian 2 piece review

As a guide the idea of having a two piece rod really appealed to me, they are going to be less problematic by nature with only one ferrule, they are going to be lighter again for the same reason, I’m thinking they will probably have more feel and be a crisper rod? What I thought I was going to feel, I was right, but I wasn’t ready for how good the Scott Meridian 2pc rods were going to be.

I had the 10# sent to me as a prototype and I knew straight away I needed to cast the 8#. Those 2 are now all time favourite rods, they will hang in the office if a better rod comes along, but that is going to be some time. Also as a guide I see, cast and watch every brand and model of rod that comes out so I know what I like and I know what works, it comes with 200 plus days a year floating about for 8-10 hours a day in a wide range of saltwater scenarios.

The 10# for me combined with the Flats Master line which Airflo built specifically for us to throw heavy flies, the rod does it so easily and effortlessly, combine that with a powerful fighting tool and a weightless combo to hang onto all day waiting for your shots on the flats.

The 8# is just the sweetest rod ever, for those that know me I could care less about casting on the grass (i’ll do it for special reasons). This rod turned up I grabbed an old line sitting on a old reel in the cupboard strung it up and with a beer in one hand went out into the yards to give it a shot and would not put it down, roll casting through the kids play ground, through kitchen windows anything, then pull all the line out and 2 false casts, gone. Short or long it has a great game.

On the water where it counts the rod cast so sweetly and accurately its amazing, for sight casting to Barramundi its a no brainer, almost all of my clients that have fished this rod purchased one. One of my clients (Neil Shepherd) used to fish a 10# rod for Barra fishing, he tried the two piece 8# and now owns six 2pc Scott Meridians in total.

Travel isn’t as big a deal as people like to dream up, you can use several types of bag to become you one piece of luggage or simply carry them in the hardcore Scott tube they arrive in.