Salty Saturday - Rob Dines and King Tide Salt Fly

Rob Dines spent a day out with his son on the water with King Tide Salt fly recently and got the proper Tauranga Harbour kingfish treatment!

"Hi Rene and team, just thought I'd send you a few pics of our day out with Lucas at King Tide Salt Fly. Very rarely will I pick up and use the guides gear on a chartered guide trip out as I much prefer to use my own and depend on it. In this case no need as he had rigged and ready a couple of Scott Meridian fly rods matched with Lamson Speedster reels loaded with 8 weight Airflo Tropical Punch lines so we left our gear in the car. Brutal takes and screaming horizon runs resulted in skinned knuckles and line burned finger joints. The gear handled all the kings could dish out, although both anglers looked worse for wear after a full on day out with this maniac guide. Lucas had me hooked up after only 15 minutes on the water with a sighted fish making a blistering run way down into the backing followed by a 20 minute slugfest. My son, Norman, nailed his first king on fly with an almost replica performance.
These kings show no mercy on neither angler or his tackle! A great day out, great guide, brilliant and reliable tackle and simply an awesome species on fly gear."