Salty Saturday - Clothing for the Flats

There are two things I need from my clothing when flats fishing.

  1. Comfort.
  2. Protection from the elements.

Let me walk you through the Simms range, and where each item fits in for me.

Surf Shorts

Hex Camo Storm, Hex Camo Carbon, Velocity Print Orange & Water Pring Dusk

I absolutely love these. They are my personal choice for flats wading, as they are super light, super comfortable and they dry extremely quickly. I have a tendency to burn easily, so I also wear water tights underneath for sun protection. The benefit of this setup is the lack of drag on your legs from the water when wading, and it’s amazing how much fresher your legs feel at the end of the day.

Superlight Zip Off Pants.


These are great when you are not sure if you want pants or shorts, and have an easy zip on/off lower leg section. A great protective option for those spending more time on a skiff.

Ebb Tide Shirt

You will be well-ventilated in this breezy, quick drying, UPF 50 long sleeve shirt. It dries quickly, has an extended sun cuff, and two fly box sized pockets to hold all your gear. It has a vented back panel that lets the cool air flow past your skin and right on through the shirt, which is a great feature in the tropics. It also has a Sunglass chamois inside bottom hem.

Intruder BiComp Shirt

Dark Moon, Hex Camo Loden & Veil River Camo

Mist, Sagebrush & Storm

The Intruder BiComp LS Shirt is a technical shirt full of features like two zippered fly box sized chest pockets and knit fabric on the cuffs to keep pulled up sleeves in place. The Intruder is constructed of quick-drying, durable, woven polyester on the main body and knit side and arm panels for major mobility. They are quick drying, wicking, anti-odor, UPF 50, and have a sunglass chamois inside the bottom hem.

Solarflex Shirts and Hoodies

Hex Camo Sterling, Hex Camo Loden, Fast Bass Sterling, Veil River Camo, Cloud Camo Blue, Cloud Camo Grey & Hex Camo Storm

Cloud Camo Grey, Hex Camo Storm & Cloud Camo Blue

Womens Pale Blue, Wintergreen, Cloud Camo Blue & Cloud Camo Grey

The Solarflex range of quick-drying fishing shirts are super comfortable, and they keep you cool on sweltering tropical flats. They provide odor-fighting, sweat-wicking protection, and a UPF 50 rating against harmful rays. Hoodies add another level of sun protection.

Solarflex Armor Shirt


This is the ultimate flats fishing shirt, armed with both sun protection and cooling comfort. It features hard-working COR3™ technology, with all-day odor-fighting and moisture-wicking protection. This shirt shields against the sun's harmful rays with a UPF 50 rating. Coolcore® fabric chills down as it gets wet, providing around 30% lower surface temperature when wet, giving you natural relief from the heat. Mesh panels on the sides and arms add breezy ventilation that will keep you feeling fresh on the water from dawn until dusk. It is finished with a full-coverage built-in gaiter for all over protection.

Not only do you stay comfortable and protected on the flats in Simms Clothing, you also have the added benefit of looking good!