Reviewed | Simms G4 Pro Powerlock wading boots

Keil Jones, Head Guide at Wilderness Fly Fishing, was given a pair of the New Simms G4 Powerlock Wading Boots to try out. He's a pro and he's going to know. Have a read of what he thinks and check the boots out for yourself.



From the first glance at these new boots from Simms you can tell they’ve put a lot of thought into time and efficiency on the water.

Whether fishing from boats or rafts to managing fast flowing rivers with rocks covered in slime, the new power lock cleat is a great idea for those anglers that like to fish different destinations.

Simms G4 Pro Powerlock Wading BootsThe boots come with soft rubber cleats installed, great grip on standard surfaces. If fishing from boats and rafts the soft cleats won’t ruin casting decks or friendships.

If heading into slippery sections of the river, using the Simms tool provided you can easily take the rubber cleats out and put in the aluminium cleats. Aluminium being a soft metal will easily cut through algae and slime gripping onto rocks under your feet. 

Brown Trout Fly Fishing

The Vibram soles on the G4 boot is obviously the best match and Vibram has stood the test of time. They are exceptionally comfortable and durable. The upper section of the boot is built with waterproof synthetic leather  overlays on the high abrasion sections. The boot lace holes are supported and reinforced so you can treat em mean.

Inside the boot is a neoprene lining making it easy to slip them on and off - hand on those extra cold days. Under your feet the boot is lined with dual EVA mid soles which make those long days where you are on your feet the whole time a lot more comfortable.

Frosty Fly Fishing wading boot

To sum the new G4 boot up, not only do they look bad arse, they’re rock solid - just as you will be in the river, and they easy to use for all occasions.

Get out there and try some on.

Cheers from Wilderness Flyfishing