Review Scott Meridian 81010/2 by Dave Bradley

Continuing on from our Meridian prototype (aka Project S) reviews here's a look at what the guys say about the 8'10 2pc models. In this case its the Meridian 8'10" #10 2pc which was tested by Dave Bradley from Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters.

The 8'10" 2pc 10# Meridian (aka Project S) as predicted is a crab casting machine, it’s going to be a great Permit rod for just that reason alone turning over the big heavy flies we use on the flats with ease. The 2pc design makes for a super solid butt section which seems to hold a loop with a heavy fly like nothing we've fished before whilst the tip still has that Scott feel to it for feeling takes and good line control. We also just fished one of our annual Milkfish trips and one of our super experienced clients that has been involved in the tackle industry for near 40 years called it for the best 10# he had fished, I struggled to get the rod back off him at the end of the trip.

Dave Bradley - Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters

Scott Meridian 8'10 2pc

Roly Newton with a solid Milkfish taken on the Scott Meridian 8'10" #10 2pc