Auckland Morning's Kingfish Hunting On Fly

Even though we're not quite in summer mode just yet I'm going to go out on a limb here and say summer in Auckland is awesome. Sales manager, Matt Wilson, has just recently bought himself a wee boat, just big enough for two people to head out into the harbour and chase some of the Kings around the buoys. Even better is that we can do this and still only be an hour late for work, no complaints there, and as long as we get a photo or two for the blog then it's considered "work". Gotta love that.

So after consulting our harbour King guru, Yoshi Nagakawa of Totally Fly, Matt and I headed out for our first crack at some little green and yellows on the 10wt Scott Tidal and Hatch 7+. With a few buoys fished, a couple of hits and chases, and a few chuck and ducks (from me) Matt connected to this fella and the boat was christened.

I was just happy to have been able to put him in the spot and deckhand the fish aboard, classic teamwork.

As the morning progressed things predictably died down and as casting arms tired the delivery of flies got worse until we called it and decided it was time to get to work. Still, we managed to have a good session on the water, miss the traffic and tick a couple of boxes. Living in the city ain't so bad.

The Manic Lucent Baitfish did the damage for us.

Until next time!