Manic Mondays - The Running Of The Bulls

Team Manic (sans Rene) managed to pop out for our first day of the season yesterday with high hopes of sight fishing to plentiful three pound plus fish in perfect weather.

At least the weather was good.

We found the fishing quite hard with the levels still being up and holding quite a bit of colour. We all managed a couple of small fish but it was a pretty big effort for little return but hey, that's early season fishing for you.

This little tacker kicked Matts ass.

A great colour if you want to be fishing in Taupo but not so much for sight fishing.

Still, it was a great day on a very pretty Waikato stream.

Did I mention the bulls? These guys were pretty pissed off and aggressive, doing a good job of pushing us into the river at any opportunity. Lots of foot stamping and a good charge kept us on our toes.