Manic Mondays - The Bait & Switch

Sound like you?

Every Thursday at 4.45pm for the last 11 months you’ve announced to no one in particular “I think I might go for a fush this weekend….. yes, definitely going.” Then you excitedly jump online to see what the weather is going to do. However all too often when asked at the water-cooler the following Monday “How was your fishing trip?” you dejectedly reply “Oh, nah I didn’t go” (followed by the classic: “the lawns needed doing”, “the mother in law was in town” or “couldn’t get the all-clear from the missus”)

But now it’s that time on year. Work starts to wind down, the sun is out, and the fish are plentiful. The days are yours!!!

Well, almost. This time of year is also the time to relax and spend some “us time” with the better half (who also happens to be on holiday)

Luckily there is a great technique called the bait and switch.


Find an accessible fishing spot that is also suitable for a romantic picnic, such as the beach, lake or rivers edge. NB Check that weather/tides/river levels etc will be suitable for fishing.


Suggest well ahead of time that you’d like to go for a nice romantic picnic – eluding the fact that where you intend to go happens to be a sweet fishing spot. If you play this right, merely making the suggestion will earn you enough brownie points that you can just relax and have a beer while the rest of the picnic gets organised around you. Take this time to discretely get you fly gear organised. While packing the picnic into the car carefully sneak in your fly gear.


Once you arrive at your destination make a slight comment along the lines of “Oh wow, this would be a great place for a fish”. Only after the picnic is finished and you are both truly relaxed, casually announce “I think I have my fly gear in the car, I might go have a quick flick.” If met with protest, simply open another bottle of wine rest for 5 minutes and repeat step 3……. And you’re fishing!!!

The picnic example is the grass roots of the bait and switch, however it can be applied in many ways. For example:

Suggest a weekend away – elude to the fact that the motel happens to be on the edge of a particularly good fishing river.

Suggest a week long island getaway – elude to the fact that the island in question is a hot SW fly destination.

Suggest you go on a cruise – out to the marker buoys for a few early morning Kingfish.

The possibilities are endless!

Good luck!