Manic Mondays - Rarotonga 'Product Testing'

While everyone else at Manic was hard at work last week, I was busy sunning myself in Rarotonga. It wasn’t all fun and games, I also needed to do some ‘product testing’ while I was over there.

Between gorging on local cuisine, drinking cocktails and attending a friend’s wedding I managed to sneak away for a spot of fly fishing. All sorts of weird reef species were caught but the highlight was getting absolutely destroyed by a reasonable sized GT that took a Manic Moo Joo Minnow. The guys at Scott had sent through some prototypes of a new blank in the works and the early indications are very, very good.

If you haven’t been to Rarotonga already, make sure you check it out. The food is good, the people are friendly and the marine playground is outstanding! Also, it just happens to be a short hop over to Aitutaki…