Manic Mondays - Myth Busting Re-run

Here's a re-run of a great clip shot by Manic Mate, Tola Chin, with special guest stars Rene Vaz and Totally Fly's, Yoshi San. The Ngongy should be ticking over quite nicely at the moment so get down and into a few.

"A quick video of a few days on a small spring creek on the North island that holds a disproportionate amount of trophy sized browns. You can catch more than 5 a day in NZ, you don't have to dead drift, and yes, the North Island has great Brownie fishing. With us is Ross Purnell of Flyfisherman magazine, Former NZ Fly fishing champ Kiyoshi Nakagawa, and Rene Vaz of Manic Tackle Co."