Manic Mondays - Catch Masters Series DVD

"Todd Moen, co-founder, producer and video editor for Catch, continues to raise the bar of fly fishing videography with his best yet production. In the new DVD, he captures exciting fishing adventures in Montana, British Columbia, the Pacific coast and many more places on film, and he tells these adventures in beautiful stories that resonate with visual and audio alacrity. The new Catch Magazine DVD Season 5, The Masters Series, is nothing short of amazing. The fishing videos are above and beyond what we have come to expect...his best yet for sure. In this DVD, Todd takes it to the next level and includes a huge bonus features section of extra footage and interviews with the anglers, exclusively available on this production. These extras give us a unique behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to catch fish and capture it on film. His anglers provide invaluable tips, as well, describing the fly fishing gear and techniques used in the adventures that bring them success. If you've ever wondered "Who is that angler?" or "How did they do that?" in any of Todd's films, now is your chance to find out!

Fly fishing is the catalyst, but Todd has a unique ability to capture the entire essence of the journey of a day on the water. He gives us the sense that we are there with him, experiencing the gorgeous landscapes, the area-specific wildlife and the glory of the amazing places where wild fish live. With his dynamic camera angles, unique aerial footage and spot-on musical selections, these videos certainly keep us captivated and excited about the essence of fly fishing. They not only tell us stories, but they bring us along on Todd's angling adventures through the different seasons around the globe."