Manic Monday - We Went Fishing

My girlfriend Aymee and I shot out on some Central North Island rivers for a bit of R&R on the long weekend. What better way to celebrate ANZAC day than to get on the river after a dawn service, it’s what the Diggers would have wanted I am sure. The rivers were super clear for this time of year but there were enough fish to keep us interested and it was just nice to spend some casual time on the river without being too fish crazy. We even fell asleep in the sun on the riverbank at one point.

In light of the fun I had on the weekend, I thought I would compile a few tips for getting your girlfriend/wife/partner on the water with you (and keeping them there):

• Buy nice food and drink

• Go during periods of nice weather

• Give them sweet apparel, eg Simms Freestone Women’s Waders

• Let them catch some fish

• Promise a foot massage and/or spa bath afterwards

• Carefully explain the different types of fly fishing (to justify future tackle acquisitions)

• Let them choose flies (this is very useful as you will try flies you otherwise might not have otherwise - embrace the ensuing “I told you so”)

Try some of the above and inject some of your own ideas into the mix and you may find yourself with a new, ‘incredibly-important-in-the-scheme-of-things’ fishing buddy.