Manic Monday - Tackling Taupo

It was a cracking weekend just been down in Taupo and with duck season kicking off it made for slightly less busy rivers, albeit a bit noisier in some spots. Tim, Adam and I headed down for a bit of a look around the Tauranga Taupo and the Tongariro over a couple of days and we found the rivers looking really good with plenty of fish around, hooking them was another story. Taupo is looking very well set up to have some great fishing this season if the fish we caught were any sort of indicator. Only the odd darker fish with most being fresh in that 3lb region and a few bigger models we didn't land. Picking up the fish seemed to be less about fly selection and methods and more about finding the little nooks and crannies outside of the normal lies, that's just our observation though, as everyone knows this is a fishery that can (and will) change overnight so just be flexible. The early AM starts are well worth the effort and made much easier when it's not -2 degrees in the middle of winter, which is just around the corner.