Manic Monday - Simms G4 Pro Boot

A few weeks ago, Mick Hurren and I got the chance to test out the new Simms G4 Pro Boot and G4 Hardbite Star Cleat system.

The river we visited is notoriously slippery with a combination of rock, boulder and log hopping so it was a perfect option to try out the new system. As expected, the cleats made it a whole lot easier to navigate the pocket water and get into tricky or tight places with confidence to find those perfect little browns.

Perhaps the most positive to come out of using this system (apart from not going ass up) is coming off the river with a lot less fatigue, which as we all know, means tomorrow we'll be fresh and ready to stomp the river once more.

Once again, Mick has produced a sweet little slip of the Simms G4 Pro Wading Boot and Hardbite Star Cleat