Manic Monday - Product testing in flooded rivers

Murphy's Law was well and truly in effect this past weekend as I had decided to go fishing, usually this means a flood is imminent. While the flow chart for the Tauranga Taupo was looking promising with the river on the drop after a fresh and if everything stuck to the plan I had in mind we'd be looking at a perfectly dropping dropping river recently loaded with fresh fish. And then it rained, and rained, then stopped...and rained again.

A visual representation of my emotions over the weekend

Well we were there and with not much else to do we did a tour of the rivers comparing the various levels and hues of brown. Thinking that the Waitahanui would be a safe bet we went for a look on the way home and while it was still quite coloured up we figured some bright stuff might get in the face of a trout and it was a good excuse to test out the new Airflo Nemesis rod and the new Kiwi soft milking eggs.

Plenty of drifts and a couple of lucky strikes later and I had some fish on the bank lined up for the smoker. The Kiwi soft milk eggs proving their worth in the dirty river and the Nemesis rod making short work of the heavy Simon's Ugly and standing up to my over the top point loading while trying to get the fish to the net in the fast water.

Lesson of the trip? Just go and have fun and you might catch a couple of fish. The next couple of days should be perfect down there so if you have the opportunity, go.