Manic Monday - Nick Reygaert's still doing it tough in Argentina

Here's the latest info in from the guy that's out there living most of our fly fishing dreams. The best part of it is that he's doing the hard work for all of us so we can tag along next year if we so feel inclined. Read on...

"Well after two weeks on Jurassic Lake (Lago Strobel) my trip has come to an end. The lake fished unbelievably well, the few times we did get blown off it we retreated to Moro Creek for some big rainbows smashing streamers in tiny water but as soon as the wind dropped we were back to the lake. Those big chromers are something else, the power of those fish has to be felt to be believed - like hooking a tuna in a lake!

I finished my Argentina trip off with a few days scouting the fishing potential on the Parana River in Santa Fe about 4 hours drive North of Buenos Aires. The target species was the legendary dorado. The fishing scenario is very similar to fishing for barra in the North of Aussie. Muddy water with lots of snaggy banks, the fish lay in ambush in the cover so casts have to be right in amongst it or no dice. The fishing wasn't firing but still managed to extract a few.

We will add the option of a few days Dorado fishing after our hosted trips to Jurassic Lake and I have already exclusively booked the first two weeks of November 2016 for Gin-Clear Travel hosted groups, if you are keen to fish these incredible places drop us a line at"