Manic Monday - Kings Of Their Domain

And here we have it, the inevitable (and always enviable) early season video from Andrew Harding the proves not all of the fish are in the south island, or even that far from Wellington CBD.

"A rare occurrence of good weather early October meant Peter De Boer and myself could access a remote, lower North Island, back country river to “scratch that new season itch”… It did not disappoint with a dozen fish landed and many more lost. Interestingly, most were on dry fly. With a high river volume from a wet winter, the going was extremely tough, Necessitating many deep wades, swims, cliff-face climbs and slippery crossings, this slow progress hampering our ETA, walking out by the light of cellphone’s well into the night, much to the nervousness of wives and families. The fish within this system are old and resilient, each one has an epic tale to tell I’m sure and the scars to match. Sit back and join Peter and I on this fantastic day among some of the best scenery the North Island has to offer."