Manic Monday - Gregor's Taimen

Here's a quick report in from our mate Gregor who has recently returned home to Seoul after a trip chasing Taimen in far off Mongolia with Jeff Forsee...

"Hi guys,

Safely back in Seoul after an amazing trip to Mongolia. River conditions were not great with the river above normal flow and slightly discoloured most of the trip. For the first four days I didn’t even see a Taimen. Then we had an electrical storm during the night and two days later the river was higher still and quite discoloured, so our expectations were not high. However during a 30 minute period in one run I then caught a 40 inch ( over 1 metre ) fish, followed by a 53 inch monster ( 1.34 metre ).

You will have probably already seen this fish on Jeff Forsee’s Facebook page, but I thought I would at least send you a photo of me wearing some of your Simms products. I am wearing Simms G3 Guide Wading boots, Simms sock liners and Simms wading socks, Simms G3 Guide Waders, Simms G4 Pro Jacket, and a Simms (No See Um Lodge) Cap.

The monster, a 53 inch ( 1.34 metre ) Taimen, with our Mongolian guide Tulga.

This fish, measured at 53 inches, is the largest fish caught on the river by any of the Mongolian Rivers clients for the last two seasons ( at least ). It also measured 24 inches around the body just behind the pectoral fins. Other details are harder to establish, but we guessed it was approx 40-50 lbs, and it is believed to be approx 40 years old. Absolutely amazing fish.

Big thank you to Rene Vaz and Manic Tackle for your assistance."