Manic Monday - Drew Bolton Finds an Alternative

As you're all well aware, it has been an interesting and certainly confusing time for fishos here in Australia. On a state level most regulations have been different so the fishing trips have been a little sporadic with most, if not all contained to their local area. Although it's been a challenge for a lot of us to get out, there have been some lucky few who have taken it upon themselves to find anything that's on offer.

Our good mate Drew Bolton has managed to find himself his own little slice of Luderick and Aussie Salmon heaven somewhere up on the Central Coast of NSW. Instead of dreaming of getting out flyfishing, he's accepted the challenge and has begun targeting some of his local species. A challenge that has seen him succeed in tying his own flies for these locals, work out their feeding times/patterns and getting a bend in his flyrod, which as we know can recharge the batteries in a matter of minutes.

It's so encouraging to see some lucky individuals diversifying their game and reaping the rewards under unprecedented conditions and regulations.

As a Victorian still being unable to fish, I'll take anything right now as I'm sure the majority of Victorian fishos out there would.

So, if anyone in Victoria has a sweet Koi pond let me know..