Manic Monday - Cam's Tiki Tour

Sleeping in a car, eating dehydrated food and bathing only in rivers is not something that appeals to everyone. To many trout fishermen, it is this sense of getting away from it all that is part of the lure of our sport. For me, I love the feeling of waking up to the sound of a river and knowing that all I have to do is make a coffee, eat something and fish myself into the ground.

I had booked a week off a while back, with no plans other than to fish myself silly. The Central North Island became my playground for a few days as I found myself migrating from one spot to the other in search of trout and a lack of cellphone coverage. I found what I was looking for – I fished lakes, small streams and big rivers. I nailed a solid rainbow from one of favourite bits of water to put the icing on the cake and only headed back to civilization when I started to feel just a little burned out and the weather turned nasty.

I had not fished in this way for a long time. Not having to rush a day of fishing is the best thing ever. You can sit under a tree and have a nap, you can try different techniques you normally wouldn’t and in my opinion, have a much more rewarding experience because of it.