Manic Monday - "A Memorable Trip to NZ"

Recently Mr Russell de la Harpe of the "Feathers & Fluoro" blog came to good old NZ all the way from South Africa for a fishing trip of a lifetime. He was lucky enough to catch up with some of our Manic Mates like Yoshi Nakagawa from Totally Fly and NZ fly fishing team member Cory Scott, see both islands and tick a trophy fish off the list. Memorable indeed!

"Sitting in an airport terminal next to a pile of fly rods is always an exciting and almost nerve wracking experience. All sorts of thoughts run through one’s head – will I be fishing the right areas? Will the weather play ball? Have I got the right flies? And so on. Thankfully in my situation New Zealand is such an exceptional paradise for fly fisherman that if you do your research and put the effort in while you are there it is almost guaranteed that you will have some awesome fishing, see a variety of beautiful places and meet some of the most welcoming and fishy people."