Manic Fly Collection - Saltwater | Review by Thomas Clancy

I’ve always been one to tie my own flies rather than buy them commercially. However, sometimes I just don’t have the time or the materials to sit down and knock out what I need for an upcoming trip and must complement my own ties with a few commercial patterns. Historically, this exercise has been fraught with danger, as commercially tied flies from major fly companies have always been a little on the nose quality wise and severely lacking the variety department.

 Saltwater Fishing Fly

It came as a pleasant surprise then when I came across Manic’s freshwater fly collection a few seasons ago. The quality, consistency and innovation in their fly design thoroughly impressed me and these days some of my favourite patterns for trout come direct from their stable (Wicked Wulff, enough said).  

So, when their 2023 saltwater range dropped, I didn’t hesitate to grab a few choice patterns I thought would perform on my local waterways to see if they were of the same pedigree as their time proven freshwater range. I’m pleased to report, they were.

 Saltwater Fishing Fly

I found the #4 Spawning Shrimp to be a great all-round pattern in the estuaries for bread-and-butter species such as tailor, flathead and bream. When targeting those same fish in the skinnier stuff, the #6 Christmas Cracker and Skinny Water Clouser, both in tan and chartreuse, were clear stand outs. My personal favourite of the lot would hands down have to be the Spawning Shrimp, size 4, in pink. That thing is a flathead slayer and I’m yet to catch anywhere near as many flatties on my own creations as that fly does!

With strong, sharp hooks and consistent, quality tying, Manic’s 2023 saltwater fly collection is definitely one to consider next time you need to fill your fly box. 

Saltwater fishing fly bucktail clouser



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Thomas Clancy is more than just a fisho, he's a writer and photographer too. Residing on the coast in New South Wales he is a regular contributor to FlyLife magazine and frequent traveler to New Zealand and beyond. Follow him on Instagram here for some amazing content.