Learn the Tongariro Roll Cast - August 21st

This year Herb Spannagl has been kind enough to put on another clinic to learn the Tongariro Roll Cast which is a very effective, and easier than you might think, technique to get the heavy fly and indicator combo across the other side of the river without the threat of copping some tungsten to the back of the head. It also opens up a lot of water where you haven't been able to fish previously due to the lack of a backcast. Once you can do this on the Tongariro you'll be set for smaller rivers and the roll cast is a very handy method to have in the bag.

The clinic will be held at the Tongariro Trout Centre in Turangi and bookings can be made by contacting them HERE.

In the meantime here's a great clip of the cast in action starring Herb himself and filmed by Harry Moores.