Learn The Tongariro Roll Cast

Over the years Herb Spannagl has been the driving force behind educating and promoting the Tongariro Roll Cast, aka the TRC. This year will be no different with a clinic day booked in for Saturday September the 7th at the Taupo Trout Centre. If you're serious about getting the most out of your fishing experience on the Tongariro River then it's a great course to attend as the TRC gets heavy beadhead flies out a great distance with minimal effort. And as there's no overhead flase casting it eliminates the issue of tight banks and bushes on the back cast plus no more smashing beadheads off on the rocks. Herb is confident that you'll be able to walk away with a good understanding and execution of the cast after a days tuition and while the video below may look complicated it's a relatively straightforward concept to master.

Herb uses the Airflo Ego 2 line in the clip as the 56' head makes long distance mending a breeze and the colour shows up well.

Cost is $75pp. For more information and bookings contact the Taupo Trout Centre 07 386 8085 or email admin@troutcentre.com