John Horsey's New Zealand Adventures

John Horsey, for those who don't know is a well known fly fishing peronality and champion angler from the UK. He recently spent some time in NZ, and went fishing with our good friends ant Rod & Reel in Auckland, Yoshi and Peter. Fishing our lakes, rivers and ocean it looks like he and everyone around him had a very good time.
John is also one of the hosts of the Tight Lines Fishing Show in the UK. You can check out their site and download some cool podcasts here.

Check out that kingy nibbling at the fly. John is fishing the Airflo Depthfinder 400 flyline. He really rates the Airflo sinkers.

A nice chubby rainbow from lake O.

John is one of the world's best stillwater anglers, so a few wise anglers came along to pick up a tip or two. Belinda's a quick learner.