Introducing the new Cobalt saltwater reel from Waterworks Lamson

A brand spanking new saltwater specific reel from Waterworks-Lamson is in the works and due here in the not too distant future...exciting times!

new waterworks lamson cobalt saltwater fly reel

-Designed and built from the ground up to withstand the rigors of saltwater fly fishing.
-Game-changing technology-- ceramic bearings, carbon PEEK thrust bearings, titanium Torx™ fasteners, internally lubricated o-rings, and more.
-Brand new, innovative fixed-spindle 100% permanently sealed carbon conical drag system.
-Spool nut fastening system.
-Single-rotation, 24-click drag knob with custom origin setting capabilities.
-Super Arbor format for maximum retrieve rates.
-Super tough and corrosion resistant coating.
-Dual axis, asymmetrical machining for ultimate material efficiency.
*Available late Autumn 2017