I went fishing, sort of

The plan was to fish my brains out for a few days in the middle of nowhere with my significant other in comfortable digs with miles of river to myself, perfect weather and cicadas going berko. Long story short I was just happy napping in the hammock, swimming in the river, a spot of hunting and just generally taking it easy, however I did get out for a quick couple of cracks a few metres from the hut with the simple rule of fishing the Kiwi Cicada fly only, if a fish doesn't eat it then so be it but if I'm going to hook something it better be on a cicada. Lucky for me a few fish oblidged and I had some of those first cast big surface hits so as far as I was concerned I had ticked the fishing box and resumed relaxing. I'll be hating myself for it in winter, knowing that there were a few k's of prime fishing water passed up in perfect conditions but sometimes you've just got to cool your jets and look at the bigger picture. I regret nothing!