How To Size Simms Waders

One of the most unique aspects of the Simms wader range is just how many sizes anglers have to choose from. Which makes complete sense given no two people are shaped the same and there needs to be a form fitting and comfortable option for everyone making the effort to venture out on the water.

Making sure you have a perfect fitting wader will not only greatly improve your overall fishing experience, but it will also drastically increase the life of your wader, so put the time in and do it right the first time.

Simms Flyweight Wader Size Guide


  • Waders that are too big will bunch and rub the fabric while you walk and move around the river. This reduces the overall life expectancy of your investment so pay particular attention to this
  • There are important wading safety aspects to keep in mind when buying waders. If you go too big then you can run into issues like increased drag when wading swifts currents, and large air pockets being formed if you get swept off your feet which will make it difficult to right yourself in this dangerous situation
  • Size too small and you’ll stretch the seams and generally be very uncomfortable due to a lack of range of movement
  • To allow proper room for the neoprene stockingfoot we have found that people successfully size their wading boots between their street shoe size and one full size larger
  • Just make sure you are trying the waders on wearing the same socks you’d normally use on a day out fishing
  • Don’t just put your waders on and walk around a bit in the shop. Think about the range of movements you’re likely to use on the river, like crouching down to release a fish, or stepping over a log, and then play these out in the store. You might look a little silly now but you’ll feel much better about it when you’re effortlessly clearing a fence with a single bound while your mate has just blown the butt of his ill fitting waders trying to climb it
  • Additionally, think about the different layering scenarios you’re likely to use over a calendar year and bring the base layers along with you when trying on your waders. We’re sure the lightweight baselayer you favour in summer isn’t going to be as bulky as the layering system you favour in the depths of winter, so it pays to know what each situation is going to feel like and how they fit in your new waders

Put simply, a perfectly fitted pair of waders shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing waders at all and will feel more like a light pair of pants with a great range of movement.

Check out this video and then use our size chart below to see which size will fit you best. Then stop in at your local retailer and they'll be happy to get your size dialled in for you.

Happy wading!



Simms Wader Size Chart