How To Rig Up For The Tongariro Roll Cast

Before you start the journey of learning the Tongariro Roll Cast it pays to have an understanding of some of the gear that will make the job that much easier for you as well as how to set it all up properly. There are a few small details that go into making up the rig and these will make a big difference to you when it comes to putting in that time on that water.

So, we grabbed Kyle Adams earlier on in the winter season and put together this "how to" video on some of the gear he recommends and the rig he uses to such great effect when fly fishing the winter runs on the Tongariro River.


Scott Centric 9'6" #6 Fly Rod

Primal Raw 9'6" #6 Fly Rod

Airflo SuperFlo TRC Fly Line

Airflo Tactical 9ft 1x Tapered Leader

Airflo G3 8lb Fluorocarbon

Manic Fly Collection

Loon Outdoors Strike 2 Indicator Yarn

Loon Aquel Floatant