Having Faith In The Pointy Bit

So often you hear stories of the one that got away because of bent, straightened or broken hooks. I'd say we've all been there and once it happens you look suspiciously at your fly box wondering what else in there is willing to betray you.

Recently we had a bit of correspondence from Gary Preston which reaffirmed that our Manic flies are built on super strong hooks and much more suited to big fish than some of the flies designed and spec'd for the US market.

"I have been wanting to send this to you for ages. It’s from a trip we did to see family back in SA.

Visibility on the Vaal river is measured in cm’s and after 20min of getting pulled around and getting my buddy to come help me net it. We finally discovered this. I have no idea how heavy the fish was as it bottomed a McLean net.

Any way my reason on sending it to you was that it was on one of your orange epoxy Bombs. Good to know you are using strong hooks!"