Friday Fly Day - Winter Flies Part One, Heavy Stuff

As the temperatures drop I can’t help but turn my thoughts to the cooler months and the exciting prospects that winter brings. It’s a whole new ball game however, and along with rods, lines, attire and approach that differs from your summertime kit, your fly box too often needs a near total changeout. Across the next few weeks, we’re dropping a pre winter refresher to keep you in the loop with our tested, and trusted Manic Fly Collection patterns for the chilly months ahead.

Weight. You need to get down as these fish aren’t going to move far. Forget easy casting. That’s where technique comes in. You need raw weight and stacked up mends to remove tension from the line and to let these puppies sink. Check out THIS RESOURCE to deal with the technique part and keep on reading to get a handle on the weight deal.

Simon's Ugly Green / Red

Simon's Ugly Black

For me, Green & Red Simons Uglies seem to set off a trigger in cold water, or off coloured river fish. Black is my go-to in brighter light. Two hi density tungsten beads, rubber legs galore and the right colour combo to get noticed.

Simon's Iron Maiden Copper / Black

Simon's Iron Maiden Green / Red

Simons Iron Maiden's are a favourite for a raw weight approach. Easily cast, heavy and with materials chosen to slip through the column with ease, these will get your trailer down where it needs to be.

Hooligan Black / Red

Hooligan Brown

Hooligan Green

Hooligan Pink

Sometimes, subtle is good, but you still need to get down. Our slim, sleek, epoxied Hooligan is just that, and in brown, black, green and pink you can choose a colour to match the conditions.

Epoxy Bomb Green

Epoxy Bomb Orange

Bomb Squad Ice

Bomb Squad Ice

Bomb Squad Spawn

Our Epoxy Bombs and Bomb Squads flies offer a slick, hard bodied profile to sink unhindered through the water column and are tied in brighter materials to stimulate winter running fish.

Jig PT

Jig Hare's Ear

And my favourite, the PT and Hares Ear Jig flies gets deep amongst the rocks and rides hook up, keeping you snag free and working that run

Next week, we talk eggs - lots of eggs in prep for your local lake runners, and the incoming canal hog season!