Friday Fly Day - Winter Flies Part Four: The Other Stuff

So winter isn’t just bling, bugs and bloody big bombs. In fact, many times fish just won’t eat the accepted winter bling and glo bugs no matter how many good presentations you put in front of them. The game changing flies are often the boring, but essential flies, and are often overlooked in a winter selection. These flies imitate the stuff trout eat, and so it makes sense to go large with them in your winter fly box. Fish them behind your bomb in the main flow, off droppers on your short line set up, or by themselves in skinnier water.

These are the flies that catch fish.

BTB Killer Caddis Cream

Korbay’s Czech Nymph Olive

Sawyers Pheasant Tail

Quill Bandit

Rods Tubing BWO Nymph

Little Black Stone

Silly Stone Green

Silly Stone Brown

Parachute Adams

…because you know mayfly will often hatch out in winter right? Check out more from The Manic Fly Collection