Friday Fly Day - What's New? Damsel Edition

Ultra Damsel Nymph

With still a lot of high flows about and more weather in the long range forecast you best be restocking that box with a few inclement weather options. Stillwaters, backwaters and oxbows will become very viable options for many anglers with a lot of rivers being out of action and luckily for you, we have just added these exciting new patterns to the ever evolving Manic Fly Collection.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be unveiling the latest and greatest flies that are hitting the shelves as we speak and this week we’re going to kick off with a lake trout favourite, the mighty Damsel.

Manic Horny Damsel

Horny Damsel

What’s better than one adult damsel splatted in front of a hungry, high country trout? Two. Check out these mating sweethearts for a damsel dry which won’t twist up your tippet this summer.

Manic Doug's Dodger Damsel

Doug’s Dodger Damsel

A slimline damsel nymph pattern loaded with a foam back, marabou legs, abdomen and tail so when fished on an intermediate line it sports a killer action.

Ultra Damsel Nymph Olive

Ultra Damsel Olive

An epoxied body helps this doozie slip through the film when stalking the edges with a floating line, and rubber legs both push water and come alive when twitched. A fantastic summertime backwater special.

Damsel Bugger

Because who doesn’t love a slim, olive bugger style pattern, the trout sure do!

Damsel Bugger