Friday Fly Day - Wayne's Favourite

Chris Dore recently spent a couple of days fishing with Wayne Barnes and while they were out and about he picked Waynes brain on one of his favourite dries from the Manic Fly Collection.

Para Dads Favourite

"While I like to tie my own flies, sometimes you find a commercial tie that ticks all the boxes, and allows you to spend bench time on your own personal faves.

The Para Dads Favourite from the Manic Fly Collection is such a tie for me and works a treat on my local Canterbury Streams, West Coast headwaters and more recently in the Southland backcountry.

What sets this fly apart for me is the bulkier, yet easy casting para post allowing you to not only pick your fly up in the drift, but gives your fly a terrestrial / beetle crossover appearance from below, while retaining that subtle mayfly profile.

Fished alone, or suspending a nymph as a dry / dropper the Para Dads Favourite is one of my favourites."