Unweighted Trout Food

Friday Fly Day

Yesterday we covered my thoughts on autumn nymphing and the importance of unweighted patterns. Check out a few deadly unweighteds from the Manic Fly Collection.

Manic Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail

Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail

The quintessential shallow water mayfly nymph. The soft hackle adds the impression of life and we all know that every fish loves pheasant tails.

Manic Quill Bandit

Quill Bandit

A small, slim design to slip through the column with ease. Lighter in colour for contrast over darker streambeds and tannin water.

Manic Split Case PMD

Split Case PMD

This is a super slim unweighted. The yellow wing case offering that sexy hotspot effect for the fish to key in on when the drift is heavy.

Manic Possum Nymph Olive

Manic Possum Nymph Brown

Manic Possum Nymph Claret

Manic Possum Nymph Black

Possum Nymphs

Olive, brown, claret and black. Furry, buggy and with a slightly heavier, bulkier profile which I like to use in more turbulent water or where a slower sink is required.

Additional Tips from Chris:

• Keep your indicator close when nymphing shallow riffles: trout will eat, and drop your nymph quick smart, so two feet between a small, hi-vis Indicator and my top fly is the norm.

• Try short line tactics. Raise that rod and lead your nymphs through their drift on a short line for better control, and contact with your flies.

• Grease your leader with floatant when fishing softer edges to keep your flies nearer the surface. This also makes your tippet more visible to you and helps detect those subtle takes that little bit quicker.