Turangi Top 3 Flies By Two Top People

You’re heading to the Sporting Life Winter Fly Festival and we all know you’ll tack on a day or two fishing while you’re there. To make the most of your time there and to take the guess work out of fly selection we have asked Gizzys fishiest duo, Connor Andrew and Shelen Scout Boyes for their top three Manic flies tor hitting Turangi in August.

Heeeeeere’s Connor...

Simon’s Ugly

My first pick for a winter nymph would be the Simons Ugly in both sizes depending on the flow, and normally the more natural ones with an egg behind. If they’re not taking eggs the green/red with a PT or hare and copper trailing behind can be deadly with a bit of colour catching the fishes attention!

OTB Hare & Copper

My next would be the OTB hare and copper, orange is a great trigger colour this time of year and works well when the river has a bit of colour to it.


And finally, the Hooligan in pink, being UV coated with the double beads it sinks really well for a smaller bomb and is a great attractor fly and is a deadly combo when fished with a small pheasant tail trailing both in winter and summer.

Shelen Speaks…

Ultimate Egg Tangerine

My favourite egg pattern would have to be the Ultimate Egg Tangerine because the natural egg veil and pop of colour makes the fly look all that much more appetizing, and I’ve always had better luck with a tangerine shade more than any other coloration.

BTB Killer Caddis Brown

If I’m in need of a heavy bomb, the BTB Killer Caddis Brown is my go-to. In most rivers caddis make up a huge portion of a New Zealand trout’s diet but with the higher flows, this fly pattern is heavy enough to sink quickly and get to where the feeding fish are. I’ve also always been a fan of keeping it natural, so this particular fly does it all.

FOB Woolly Bugger Black

The FOB Woolly Bugger Black might have to be my favorite winter time streamer for a few reasons, one being that the slim black body makes it the perfect natural looking snack for hungry fish sitting on the edges, and slower moving water. The added orange bead gives it an egg-like look to it and makes it stick out in dirtier water, while also giving the fly a pop of colour turning it into an enticer as well as an attractor.