Friday Fly Day - Tom Hodges top 3 for June

Today we have asked Canterbury fly guide, Tom Hodge for his top three flies for June.

"My favourite three flies this month of June in the Canterbury area would kick off with the gold bead head flash back pheasant tail trailed by a tungsten epoxy egg in orange!

These flies have a heap of weight and get down! This rig with a large indicator roughly 6-12ft above the flies depending on the spot you are fishing is a great rig around the Canterbury area, especially in the mid sections of our braided rivers which remain open all winter long. Those which remain open can often hold a good steady clear flow throughout the winter months and provide some really good fishing on both browns and rainbows.

Bitchslap Black

Bitchslap Olive / Pink

Bitchslap Olive

Bitchslap Orange / Olive

Bitchslap Shrek

My third favourite fly of the month would have to be Belinda's Bitchslap. this is a great pattern to employed when stalking around Canterbury lake edges all throughout winter. I prefer to try and ambush sighted trout with this fly by casting well in front of a cruising fish and letting the fly sink down, then when fish closes in on it, give the fly small sharp strips to get their attention. Depending on which colour you use, I believe they are either eating this pattern as a small damsel or a small native bullie pattern which can make takes very exciting!"