Friday Fly Day - The Wicked Wulff

Floating like a cork with an uber buggy silhouette, this new pocket pouncer from the Manic Fly Collection is sure to make a few fast water snouts appear. The Wicked Wulff is a full on floater that is designed to be seen, by both the angler, and the prey.

The bicolored palmered body hackle creates buoyancy, contrast and silhouette to sit up and be seen through bouncy water, and the dual coloured white / orange calf tail wing concept courtesy of our good buddy Steve Grace, ensures you’ll never miss a take again.

And as we all love to suspend big stoneflies in the backcountry, we have chosen a moose mane tail to ensure the Wicked Wulff suspends them well as an indicator dry, and a trusty Tiemco 3761 to guarantee you’ve got the ammo to deal with a rampaging, fast water bow.

Here’s a tip: Treat it with Loon Spritz to soak into the bulky dressing then run in some Loon Royal Gel for extra sheen.