Friday Fly Day - The Trusty Green Caddis

Whether you rock up to your favourite trout stream or to new waters abroad, chances are by choosing a green caddis imitation you are immediately on the right track. Both the Hydropsyche (net building) and Hydrobiosis (free living caddis) form an integral part of any NZ trout stream diet and abound in most running water.

A hardy creature, caddis larvae secure themselves to and within the crevasses of rocks and so weather out the majority of floods and freshes, and make a great post rain pattern when mature mayfly and the likes have washed out.

Choose a pattern which will get noticed and is either as heavy, or light enough to fish near the streambed. A Loon Black drop set above a blood knot, several inches from your fly will give additional weight and keep your fly down in the zone, and just above the snaggy debris.

Size, and weight are the keys when I select a free living caddis pattern and one can confidently go as big as is called for, or as small as those spooky fish require and as always, we have just the fly you need for any situation...

Newbury’s Cold War Caddis

Newbury’s Dirty Jig Olive

BTB Kller Caddis Green

Hotspot Czech Nymph Olive