Friday Fly Day - The Indi Klink

Each season one seems to gravitate towards a particular fly and with the very changeable weather and light conditions this season so far, the Indi Klink has been the one for me.

With rivers rather low throughout the spring I have been shying away from yarn indicators and the like in efforts to avoid spooking jittery trout.

A low riding, damp dry profile and stable, para style hackle, the Indi Klink presents to the trout a natural footprint in the surface and the ability to support a decent chunk of tungsten below.

But it’s the dual coloured yellow / orange wing that makes this fly stand out in the foamlines, amongst heavy, riffled water and in both light and dark sky conditions.

What use is an indicator if you fail to see it and available in both sizes 10 and 14, simply select an option for the water before you. Bright posts don’t scare fish, and it’s important that you can see it.

Chris’ Tip:

To better locate your fly on the water simply watch your line and leader as it unfurls in the air. As you follow the unrolling loop down to the water you’ll immediately pick up the drop of your fly.