Friday Fly day - The Fish Taco

New for winter 2020 is the Fish Taco, a doozy of a streamer just in time for those mid winter runs. The Fish Taco is an easy casting, unweighted intruder style pattern designed by Jeff Hickman. Available in black, chartreuse and pink you can go as loud or subtle as the situation calls for.

Fish Taco - Black

Fish Taco - Charteuse

Fish Taco - Pink

Apart from my fondness of Foxy Swinger style flies, I’ve been fishing a load of unweighted patterns this winter, instead relying on sink tips, split shot and bullet weights to get down if required. The Fish Taco is becoming a firm favourite when swinging into the shallows or through the inside seams where we all know winter run fish love to hang out. Attached via a loop knot it offers loads of movement, is not likely to put down fish in softer currents yet still throws down a pretty large profile to attract attention.

The key with unweighted flies is their movement and versatility, and super easy casting performance. The Fish Taco will become a firm favourite on those days when things just aren’t going our way.