Friday Fly Day - The Eggtruder, New For 2020

We really like tying and fishing intruder style flies. The marriage of colours and materials chosen to catch the fish’s eye, and the movement we seek in our flies really bring out our creative side. The stinger hook allows the profile of a long fly, yet reduces the leverage the fish would otherwise place on a longer shank. If it opens up or burrs, it is easily replaced.

Winter time trout really like egg patterns too, particularly in low light or in higher, coloured up winter flows. In both black, and orange, the new Manic Fly Collection Eggtruder is the best of both worlds, offering a slim profile with lots of movement in the current, with an eye catching egg hotspot out the back.

Eggtruder Black

Eggtruder Orange

When chasing winter migrating fish it’s good to have a lot of options in the box, to coax often sullen fish to grab, but also to keep your enthusiasm up.

Most fish will grab an olive woolly bugger. But what if they don’t?