Friday Fly Day - Ronan's Otago Highland Picks

A lot has been happening in the South over the past couple of weeks but trust our mate, Ronan Creane of Ronans Fly Fishing Missions to have his finger on the pulse...

“There’s lots happening right now in the bug world around Otago and the trout are certainly starting to look up! It’s terrestrial time and so we are now experiencing a plethora of beetle, adult dragon and damselflies and the beginning of the cicada season. One pattern I’m especially enjoying right now is the True House Fly. On stillwaters and ponded streams on calm days.. deadly! On the tried and trusted side, you simply must have a range of Manics unweighted PT nymphs on your box. They will always catch fish.. Deadly under a dry, in tandem or fished singly. River or lake. My go-to unweighted nymph. Get out there and explore.”

True House Fly Green

True House Fly Blue

Pheasant Tail