Friday Fly Day - REUP...Guide Chute Hare's Ear

Guide Chute Hares Ear Manic Fly Collection

This wee gem really has been a favourite of mine this season, and of many others' too.. The Hares Ear Guide Chute makes for that perfect go between from a terrestrial to a parachute, perfect for finicky, late summer fish. When you need something a little more 'come eat me' than your subtle little film fly, but more subdued than a cicada, PMX or blowfly, the heavier hackle and solid, hi viz post of the Guide Chute will get noticed in the drift.

The deer hair tail provides buoyancy down the back end to suspend an oversized bead where needed, and in size 12 and 14 makes for a superb indicator dry.

A staple in my box throughout the season and a must-have for yours.