Friday Fly Day - Quill Klink

Looking for that subtle wee go-to this summer? Introducing the Quill Klink emerger.

Throwing down the all-important prey image with low profile, sunken abdomen and uber buggy footprint, this easy to see, selective trout deceiver will fit right at home as an alternative to your Para Adams or similar film flies.

What gets me going is the total package the Quill Klink offers, the slim profile of this fly, a highly visible yellow post to stand out both amongst the shadows and in the foam, the sexy quill abdomen, and a sparse enough hackle to maintain the slim, gentle profile which will land delicately on smooth water, yet ride true in the riffles.

Available in sizes 12-16, get the Quill Klink in your box for when the rivers get low and the trout sit high. A Mataura anglers dream.