Protecting your investment | Fly Box Options Explained

Chances are by now you have either been tying or buying up a storm and your early season fly game looks tight. But is that old fly box of yours still up to the task of securely organising your precious? A secure, well organised fly selection allows you to spend more time catching fish, instead of searching for that old faithful your buddy tied and swears the trout love. It's no good to you if it’s lost on the ground somewhere around the car.

Let’s check out some of the more popular offerings from Manic that can help you become more organised this season.


Tired of losing flies from your patch? The C&F pin on fly protector featuring Micro Slit Foam holds your 12's - 18's securely not just for a trip or two, but all season long thanks to high quality micro slit foam.

A Polypropylene cover protects flies from damage and allows them to air thoroughly. Simply pin it to your vest, jacket, sling or whatever. Pre load it with slots for up to 72 flies and you have a complete fly selection ready to roll.


A simple, no frills box designed to keep your 'hot' flies close to hand. With 6 compartments simply load it up, attach it to your vest, lanyard or just slip it in your pocket and grab what you need in a flash.


A Medium sized, waterproof fly box which slips easily into most pockets, the CF 2377 sports two leafs of micro slit foam to hold your nymphs, including tungsten rock solid, and 12 handy compartments for crush free dry fly storage. The perfect all round, waterproof fly box for NZ style flies.

CF-3510F FLY BOX - The Guides Favourite

With capacity for a whopping 940 flies this is the box for the serious fly junkie. High quality micro slit foam holds your flies secure and waterproof gasket ensures no unwanted moisture gets into your box from unexpected dips. Easily stored in larger vest pockets you will never be playing without a full team on the river.

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