Friday Fly Day - Paul Macandrew and the Hares Ear Guide Chute

manic Guides Chute Hares Ears

The warmer summer months are upon us now and fish are beginning to look up to the surface.Time to do away with the wool indicators and tie on a well hackled dry fly from which to suspend your nymphs. Manic Tackle have introduced the "guide Chute" to their ever expanding fly collection this season and this one is a ripper. Manic's Hares Ear Guide Chute is quickly becoming my favorite go to dry fly for a dry-dropper set up. It comes in sizes #12-14 and is an excellent searching pattern in faster-broken water,is easily visible ,floats all day long and can hold a well weighted tungsten beaded nymph suspended beneath it,the distance between the dry and nymph will vary depending on the depth of water but 12-20 inches is about the norm.

The fish seem to be liking them too !