Friday Fly Day - Opening Day

With rivers in the South, and in many regions in cracking condition for opening, a little more consideration needs to be given to our opening day fly selection. I don't see a big call for bloodworms, streamers and 'bling flies' in the low, settled conditions and after a rather warm winter without really any major flood events am thinking early season mayfly activity may be better than usual.

Chris' subtle 5 for Saturday in Southland and beyond...

Death Metal Hares Ear

Small, heavy and totally non flash. Everyone likes a Hares Ear... The trout do too!

Sawyers Pheasant Tail

Small and subtle, the copper wire thorax provides just enough weight to plop through the surface film

Renes Waterboatman

With a lot of rivers low, warmer and weedy the boatman is a solid choice for backwaters, ponds and general ling, slow weedy reaches where trout will cruise.

CDC Thorax Dun

A pretty cool early season mayfly imitation which throws down a very buggy prey image. The darker cdc wing throws out a visible silouhette for tracking your fly in often glarey early season light too.

Mirfs BLT dry

Because you can see it...

Enjoy it out there tomorrow. Respect others and check the conditions.

Welcome to the 2016/17 season!