Friday Fly Day - New Manic Fly Collection Rabbit Flies

This late season brown couldn’t resist a Micro Zonker Brown

Photo: Chris Reygeart

There are many reasons we love rabbit strips. They’re durable. It provides bulk to your lure and it flutters, pulses, wiggles and twists with every strip. Rabbit makes for a very fishy fly. That’s why here at Manic we range a large number of rabbit flies from the Wittle Wabbit to the Mega Rabbit, the Cut Cat and ever popular Mr Glister, to the good old classics.

Fish them on the swing, on a sinking line, or on a floater with deep soft weight for depth, fish love them and so do we. To keep the trout guessing, and to give you even more options for the situation at hand this winter, we are happy to introduce a couple of new patterns in a number of cool colourways to our 2020 winter range.

J.R's Conehead Natural

J.R's Conehead Olive

Micro Zonker Black

Micro Zonker Brown

Micro Zonker Olive

Micro Zonker Natural