Friday Fly Day - Loon Fly Tying Tools

If you’re looking to update your fly tying tools or getting started in the tying game, there are so many great products on the market right now and over the years I have tried most bands. Most recently I have began to incorporate Loon tools into my tying and am super happy I have.

These tools are very well made and robust, something I look for as a commercial tier. However beyond that, their function and ability is superb, and they have a comfortable feel in the hand (when you are doing 30 hours a week at the bench that’s important). Another aspect I like is the yellow colouration which makes the easy to see when the bench gets messy, sound familiar?

Loon Bobbin Holder

Loon Razor Scissors

Loon Dubbing Brush

Thus far I have been using the Loon Bobbin Holder, Razor Scissors and Dubbing Brush on a range of flies using a variety of materials. All perform well and I will be sure to add more Loon tools shortly. Please check them out if you’re in the market for new kit - they offer a great range!